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PsychicScript disclaims all warranty whatsoever to: 1. the willingness or ability of any Expert to give advice, 2. whether the Member shall find the advice given by an Expert satisfactory, 3. whether the advice of the Expert will provide an adequate solution to his or her question, or 4. whether the Expert advice will otherwise be suitable to his or her needs. PsychicScript does prequalify and screen the advisors available onsite, but cannot 'guarantee' the skills, degrees, or qualifications, of any psychic. PsychicScript does not warrant the validity, accuracy, completeness, safety, legality, quality, or applicability of the content or anything said or written by its psychics or any advice provided, including any information contained in any Psychic Bio.


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It is also a violation of the Terms and Conditions of this website for you to be in direct contact with any of our Experts outside the online services provided within or to ask any of our Experts for their direct contact information which includes phone numbers, email addresses, website links or urls, postal mailing address, instant messaging addresses, social networking contact details or financial information. If you do violate the Terms of this contract, PsychicScript bears no liability for any such action, and your use of our services may be terminated. Any attempt or activity to violate the Terms in such manner may be reported to PsychicScript by our Experts.

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