Frequently Asked Questions for Clients

“How do I register”?
Click “Client Sign Up” in the upper right. Enter your information and click register!
“What are the benefits of registering with the Psychic Network at PsychicScript ?”
By entering your username and password, you will have the convenience to access your account at anytime, from anywhere. You will also be able to receive our newsletters, check your chat and view your purchased video history. We also provide special offers to our registered clients!
“Is my personal information and history secure” with PsychicScript and your Psychic Network?
We are committed to protecting your personal information and will take the correct steps to see that the privacy policy is followed by our company. For further information please see our Privacy Policy.
“How do I find the right Psychic to talk to?”
Go to the “Our Psychics” page. Browse through the categories to find the ones that fit your needs. Once you go to the category of your choice, you can read about the psychic on their profiles. You can also see reviews of that particular psychic from other members.
“How do I choose” a Psychic?
Read the psychic profile and see if you connect with this psychic. Do you want to have a psychic that reads the Tarot Cards? Look under “Tarot Reading”. If you want to talk to a coach, look for psychic that is strong in a field that you need (relationships, career, etc).
“Are your psychics verified or tested?”
Yes they are. They need to apply with our website, and when they do, we verify their identity and their abilities. They answer questions pertaining to their skills and their experience, and we also will interview the advisor prior to activating their profile, to test for accuracy and professionalism and make sure they are the right type of advisor for our psychic network.
“How do I pay”?
After you log in, click “Add Funds” in the upper right. Select the amount of credits you wish to purchase and click “Continue”. Click “Continue” again to pay via PayPal or our available payment options.
“How do I chat” with a psychic?
After selecting a psychic, click on the “Chat” button. This will launch the chat interface. Enter your text in the lower right and click “Send”. To chat privately, click the “Text Chat” button in the lower left.
“How do I video chat” with a psychic?
After selecting a psychic, click on the “Chat” button. This will launch the chat interface. Click the new “Video Chat” button in the lower left to start a private video chat. If you want to hear and speak to your psychic, you will need a microphone plugged in and set up on your computer, otherwise, you will have the option of typing your questions to your psychic and the psychic will be able to type back to you. You can also plug in a webcam and the psychic will be able to see you. However, the webcam feature is entirely optional.
“How do I Phone” a Psychic?
After choosing your psychic, click on the “Phone” button and choose the number (U.S.A/Canada or International), then enter your PIN Code.
“Can I contact the Psychic via email?”
Yes we offer an onsite message system where you can contact the psychic directly, without compromising your private email address. We also offer Email Readings via the onsite message system.
“How do I rate” a Psychic?
On the Psychic's Profile page, at the bottom you will find a “Write Comment” section. The first part of this section is a drop down menu with star ratings, from 1-5, 5 being the highest rank. Underneath the rating there is space for your comment. Please do not write anything that is derogatory or malicious as it will be removed.
“Can I get the transcripts or recordings of my sessions”?
After you log in, click “Profile” in the upper right. Your account information will be displayed. On the second line of the table, there is a link that says “View History”. Click this link to see the date you spoke with a psychic; whom you spoke with; whether it was a video chat, text chat, phone call or email; the duration of the transaction and the credits used. You will also have the option to purchase a video chat recording.
“What is a Favorites List”?
A “Favorite List” contains all of your favorite psychics. View your favorites by clicking on “Favorites” in the upper right after logging in.
“To add a Psychic to your Favorites List”
1. Go to “Psychics”, in the blue bar on top of the page.
2. Click on the psychic you want to add
3. On the right side of the Psychic Profile page, click “Add to my favorites”
“To delete a Psychic from your Favorites List”
1. Go to “Psychics”, in the blue bar on top of the page.
2. Click on the psychic you want to delete
3. On the right side of the Psychic Profile page, click “Remove from my favorites”
“What if I forgot my password”?
Click “Login” and select “Forgot Your Password?”. Use the email address you used in the field during the registration process and you will be sent the information.
“How do I change my password”?
After you log in, click “Profile” in the upper right. You may change your password in the “Change your personal info” section.
“What requirements are needed” to talk to a Psychic via Video Chat?
System Requirements: Processor: 1Ghz or better, RAM: 128 MB or more 56kbps connection min.; Supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Navigator, Opera, Safari; Operating system 98/NT/2000/ME/XP; Mac OS X, Intel, Linux. You will need to have a Flash Player installed on your computer. We recommend that you have a high speed broadband internet connection. You will need speakers in order to hear your psychic and a microphone in order to speak back to them. For the psychic to see you, you will need a webcam.
“I have another question which is not answered here…”
Please use the Contact Us page to send us a direct email. We will answer your email within just a few hours and will assist you in every way we can.